Nurjamilah is a private foundation in Indonesia which is engaged in education and social activities. The Nurjamilah Foundation was inaugurated on September 1, 1982 and until now has organized formal education institutions such as: TK/PAUD, SDI, SMP, SMK and non-formal such as Ma’had Tahfidz Al-Qur’an DARU TARTILA and the Ta’lim Council mothers/fathers/teenagers. Also several units of social institutions such as Rumah Zakat, Infak, Shodaqoh and Rumah Ri’ayah Yatim Masakin.

            The teachers in formal and non-formal educational institutions, Nurjamilah, are professionals in their fields. They are scholars from various universities at home and abroad, such as: UHAMKA, UNJ, UPI, UNISMA, UNINDRA, STAI, STAIN, UIN, Univ. Al-Azhar Cairo. Among them are also the best alumni of Darussalam Gontor modern boarding school, Al-Amien Madura Islamic Boarding School, Walisongo Islamic Boarding School Ponorogo, Al-Mawaddah Islamic Boarding School Ponorogo, Nurul Kasyaf Islamic Boarding School Bekasi, Ma’had Tahfidz Al-Qur’an Al-Muqoddasah, Ma’had Tahfidz Al -Qur’am Al-Amien, etc.

At the age of 28, the Nurjamilah Foundation continues to improve and strive to consistently prioritize the quality of both education and teaching and continue to develop facilities and infrastructure, curriculum, and learning processes to produce graduates who are of superior quality, reliable, and tough and adhere to the principles of religion and national identity in facing global competition with a touch of developing Spiritual Quotient (QS), Emotional Quotient (EQ), and Intellectual Quotient (IQ).

  1. Vision and mission


Making YPI Nurjamilah a leading Islamic educational institution that cares about the conditions and needs of the community. So that it is expected to be able to make a major contribution to realizing the nation’s ideals of building a dignified Indonesian Muslim man who is complete and comprehensive


  • Teaching religion to students by displaying its practice correctly from an early age to create quality students, with imtaq and science and technology insight.
  • Forming students with perfect faith, broad knowledge, noble character, skillful, Qur’anic insight as well as global and as much benefit as possible for society
  • Develop the potential of students by paying attention to the level of age and development and growth. It also develops spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and social awareness so that students are able to take part as widely as possible in society.
  • Establishing harmonious-synergistic communication and relationships, as well as productive cooperation between schools, parents, the community, and related agencies for the common good, especially for students.
  1. Curriculum

YPI Nurjamilah applies a curriculum that combines the latest national curriculum, namely the Education Unit Level Curriculum [KTSP} with a pesantren curriculum which is proven to be able to maintain a balance between students’ IMTAQ intelligence and science and technology. With religious teaching whose approach is more focused on the practice of the teachings themselves [in addition to the theory taught in class], students are encouraged to be able to become qudwah hasanah [good examples] for themselves and others. Among the religious activities that become the daily routine of students are: Recitation/Tahfidzul Qur’an and the Dhuha prayer in congregation every morning [before entering class] as well as the implementation of the Dzuhur prayer in congregation. Istighotsah and Muhadhoroh [speech rehearsals] which are held regularly. On the other hand, teaching Science, Indonesian, English, Arabic, Japan and the procurement of supporting facilities such as: Lab. Computers, Labs. IPA [Physics, Biology, Chemistry], Lab. Office Academy, Libraries, etc. are expected to make it easier for students to adapt to the modernity of the times. From this combination, an integral and complementary curriculum is created, so that the ideals of creating a generation of Muslims who have perfect faith, broad knowledge, noble character, global insight, toughness, and benefits can be realized.

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